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Dear Friend, Your signature can stop corruption. Despite the unrest and poverty that afflict Afghanistan, under Sec of State Hillary Clinton the US State Dept continues to pour billions into contracts with private security companies (like Blackwater) with…Read More

National Call In Day: Tell Congress to End the War in Afghanistan

Thank you to everyone who has participated in Eight Years Later: A Week of Media Action Against the War in Afghanistan. This week, Afghanistan has been a hot topic! Several countries including Canada and Italy have affirmed they are removing troops from…Read More

The Women of Afghanistan

Eight years have passed since Laura Bush declared that "because of our recent military gains, women are no longer imprisoned in their homes" in Afghanistan. For eight years, that claim has been a lie. The fact is that life for women in Afghanistan has gotten…Read More

5 minutes on your lunchbreak today…

This is it. Obama's War Supplemental bill is being voted on in the House today or tomorrow, and we only need THREE more NO votes. CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES TODAY AT 202-224-3121 to tell them to stop War & Waste and Vote NO on the Supplemental Bill. Many…Read More

Take Action on Afghanistan Today!

Today is the National Day of Media Action on Afghanistan by a coalition of peace groups. Please join us in speaking up for peace and Afghanistan and taking action! Here are a few quick ways you can get involved: * Sign and share the petition asking for real…Read More

SPEAK UP on Afghanistan!

The Supplemental Budget for Iraq and Afghanistan passed the House last week with pressure from the White House. Despite the Progressive Caucus and General Petraeus's recommendations that funding for Afghanistan be allocated 80% toward development and 20%…Read More

Make Your Voice Heard - End the War in Afghanistan!

TODAY is a national call-in effort to protest the funding of wars, urge diplomacy, develop an exit strategy for Afghanistan and investigate the illegal use of chemical weapons by the United States. The Obama Administration has asked Congress for another $94.2…Read More
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