Find and Rescue Lost and Injured People in Larimer County and the Rocky Mountain Region

Larimer County Search and Rescue (LCSAR) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Colorado corporation dedicated to providing professional mountain search and rescue resources, and wilderness safety resources, including personnel and equipment, to the Sheriff of Larimer County. These resources are available, at no cost, to all residents and visitors to our beautiful county as well as anywhere in the Rocky Mountain Region. LCSAR is also dedicated to public safety education and we regularly teach classes on such topics as Mountain Safety, Avalanche Awareness, Hug-A-Tree, Wilderness Survival, Basic Map & Compass Skills and about LCSAR.

Check us out at www.larimercountysar.org

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1. We will never charge for our services

2. We have 70 professional SAR volunteers, and 70 mission per year

3. Each member spends 400 hours a year learning and maintaining skills, doing public education, and doing fund raising.

4. We are dedicated to providing public education and awareness on Outdoor Safety