Reclaiming Our Culture; Saving the Lives of Our Children

Our world has and is constantly changing and not for the better; WE need to get a hold of our children, the future leaders, and come together to guide them in the right direction. Join us today to take a stand for a better future for all of us because what…Read More

Seeking Board Members

The Fig Tree Company is a non-profit Research and Project Development/Management business. We research “urban” cities, such as, Petersburg, VA, where we are located, and create solutions to the problems and/or areas of weaknesses we find. “Rooted in the…Read More

What's Going On

It's been a while since I have touched base with all of you, but please don't assume that it's because I am not working really hard to get this project underway. I attended and set up a booth at the National Children's Day Festival where I conducted my first…Read More

Seeking Laptop

Within thet next three weeks, I will host my first focus group with teens. I will survye the group for research purposes. This research process should be fully completed byt the end of the summer. If you know of any teens that are members on FB ask them to…Read More

Another Week Down

Hi Everybody! First, I'd like to acknowledge and thank our top five recuruiters: Dana C. Parham, 17; Felecia Barner-Mathis, 9; Jermaine Jack Jackson, 8; Reginald R. Anderson, 8; and Aaron Dap Graves, 8! There are 35 other members who have recruited one to…Read More

Week One

I am so excited about this project! By mid week, I will have my contract signed and be on my way to official business. It really helps to create a network of people who support such a cause. I would like to thank all of you for your support and recruiting…Read More

Welcome Aboard!

Thank you all for joining me in this venture. I am at the beginning stages of opening this business. I met with my business consultant yesterday and the meeting went very well, but she helped me to see that the project is so big that it will take a lot of…Read More
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