Kids and young adults are dying all around us. Families/Parents need help, they cannot walk this road alone

You do not have to be a parent of an addict to join this cause.

Calvary Chapel in Greeneville, Tennessee and U-Turn for Christ in Greeneville, Tennessee is near and dear to my heart. Helping them with your time, talent or treasure would be investing in this cause. You can contact them directly.
Pastor Gary Hall and Steve are two people among many others that God used to help me see things that I could not see in my struggle with having family who were addicted to drugs. Many times per day I have to lay them down. With God's help, I will stop attempting to control things and allow the natural consequences to take place and I am still doing it. I have to be in God's Word, Fellowship and Prayer in order to have peace. Waiting on the Lord.

1. Families of the addict will suffer

2. They are all around you/ they work with you, they are in your nieghborhood, in your church, and they have a family secret: "addiction"

3. Prayer, education with specific application and fellowship are the keys to healing

4. Sobriety is for people who WANT it not for people who need it.

5. http://uturn4christtn.com/