send a letter to the chinese government and stop buying fur

seriously, one day my friend sent me this video and i almost die, r u shitting me? everyday in china more than a big amount of dogs and cats are being killed. not only that, before they died, they get carried in small cages and getting throw down from the top of a truck, this is so sick, the animals are still alive after they get their skin out, chinese people are sickkkkkk , if u watch this video u can c their faces, chinese people think that animals dont have soul, well fuck this people the are living beans and they feel 2 hope the die and burn in hell, i can blieve what people do 4 money..... rob a bank or something faggots but u just taking a live away from someone who can even talk or protect itself. I FEEL SO ASHAMED TO BE A HUMAN BEING AFTER WATCHING THIS!

1. plz dont buy no more fur

2. even domestic animals are being kill and slaughter

3. animals getting their skin out alive