Stop buying Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry's is evil. In 1981 a man named Wesley Clark shot and killed Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner in the back, then several times in the face. He did this in front of several witnesses, including his own brother. He was arrested while still holding the murder weapon in his hand and taken to the hospital to have a bullet, fired from Officer Faulkner's weapon, removed from his body. The entire story including very specific details can be found on this link:

Despite 20 years of appeals, Wesley Clark (a.k.a. Mumia Abu Jamal) still sits on death row in Pennsylvania because 16 different judges have come to the shocking conclusion that he was indeed guilty and received a fair trial.

Ben Cohen, the "Ben" of "Ben and Jerry's", thinks otherwise. He not only signed his name to a petition calling for the release of "Mumia", but he made sure the words, "Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream" were right next to his name. The web site for the Ben & Jerrys company states that Cohen acted as a private citizen even thought he included the business name on the document.

Hey, it's a free country, you can support cop killers if you want, but the rest of us are free to refuse to purchase products from someone who not only supports a convicted cop killer, but made sure his company was noted as supporting a convicted cop killer.

Ben Cohen still profits from every cent you spend on Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. Send a message to him that you don't agree with him and will boycott any person/company that supports a cop killer.

Look under "C" for Cohen on the following link of supporters for this killer.


1. Fact #1 Wesley Clark was convicted of the murder of police officer Daniel Faulkner

2. Fact #2 Ben Cohen one of the founders of Ben & Jerrys signed a petition to release Clark

3. Fact #3 The Ben & Jerrys corporation went out of their way to downplay Cohen's support instead of condemning his actions