That will be the impact on cancer patients if the U.S. House of Representatives’ new budget proposal becomes law. The proposal includes drastic cuts to lifesaving cancer prevention and detection programs. It’ll just take two minutes to send a message to your…Read More

Make Cancer Research a Priority in 2011

The federal government is, by far, the largest funder of cancer research. In recent years, we have made great progress in the war on cancer. But, if we cut or slow down funding now, our momentum and medical breakthroughs could come to a screeching halt. Take…Read More

Act now to increase cancer research funding

We've heard from Capitol Hill that tomorrow's vote on the budget will be very close. Will your U.S. Senators vote yes to increase funding for cancer research? Not passing this budget will slow cancer research being done across the country. It could lead to…Read More

big vote to increase funding for cancer research

What an opportunity! We're looking for 100 people on Facebook to tell their US Senators to end 2010 on a positive note by increasing cancer research funding. Are you one of those people? On Tuesday, your US Senators have a chance to…Read More


The 1,529,560 new cases of cancer this year spooks the heck out of us. That’s why it’s important to band together and fight the evils of cancer with research and reform.

Yet Another Big Win in Congress for Cancer Research

In yet another big win for cancer advocates, the U.S. House of Representatives passed its version of the Fiscal Year 2010 funding bill by a vote of 264-153. This bill includes increased money for cancer research, and provides an important down payment on the…Read More

Cancer Funding Once Again at Risk

In his budget for the upcoming fiscal year, President Obama has proposed beginning a multiyear effort to double funding for cancer research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The President’s proposal increases money for cancer research. Yet,…Read More
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