Educational initatives to improve the quality of primary school education for children and their families in Rwanda

REAP is based on the belief that success and hope for children hinge upon community, opportunity, and the fulfillment of each child’s potential.

The mission of the Rwanda Education Assistance Project is to help vulnerable youth and their families gain competence, express their capabilities, sustain community by becoming active participants in their education, and learn the social, emotional, and cognitive skills to shape the emerging future of Rwanda.

In pursuit of these goals, REAP will provide several key components: a teacher training program in collaboration with the Kigali Institute of Education (KIE) and Bank Street College Graduate School of Education; the repair and renovation of two primary schools, Ecole Primaire de Ntunga and Ecole Primaire de Musha; and, our long-term goal, the construction of a primary lab school with a weekend family learning center as part of the primary school. The learning center will include programs in family literacy, educational enrichment for secondary school students, micro businesses designed to promote sustainability and encourage community involvement, a language lab to teach English to adults, and a computer lab.

1. To conduct teacher training

2. To revitalize a primary school in rural Rwanda

3. To introduce new technology, electricity, and water to the school