To promote awareness of what the FOCA Bill entails

I am not here to preach about whether abortion is right or wrong as I am sure you have already made up your mind. However, I think that even many pro-life advocates would be against the FOCA bill if they knew all of the details. Please get the facts and let your governent know how you feel. Just as pro-abortion advocates don't want religion used against them, religious doctors/hospitals should have the right to refuse to perform abortions if they choose. However, many of the Catholic, Baptist, Presyterian, etc. hospitals rely on medicaid to help support them and the charitable work that they do. However, with the new bill, they will lose all funding if they choose not to perform abortions. Please view more info at these websites and email your government to let them know how you feel:




1. It is not right to force doctors/hospitals to perform abortions that they don't agree with

2. FOCA would promote partial-birth abortion and ban parental-notification laws

3. Our tax dollars will be used to fund abortios