I have contacted the Facebook Network team today and sent the following message... [[[[ There are millions of people in the world who have one common passion... Motorcycles. The beliefs of a biker do not change regardless of colour, creed or religious…Read More

New Police Revenue Generator

WARNING: On Holes Bay Road in Poole, Dorset, Red light camera's have existed at the junction near Asda for years. These catch you if you jump the red light. But now they have the sensors in the road to catch you if you are going over 30mph, even when they are…Read More

Cause Progress.

Hello to all. I would firstly like to welcome all of you who have recently joined the cause and thank those of you who have been busy recruiting more to the cause. Keep up the good work. I am looking into how the network can be introduced, but from what I…Read More

The cause is growing.

Not a bad effort by all. The cause is growing on a daily basis and I think you all for your continued support. I can appreciate that when you joined you will have probably invited all your biker mates, or at least the 60 which you are permitted to that day.…Read More


Another 34 members from the 16 we had yesterday. Not the growth that would be expected but never the less a big thankyou to the 50 that are backing this cause so far. If we can get 1000 people on board I reckon FB will start to listen but we'll need at least…Read More


16 Members in 24hrs is by no stretch of the imagination "earth shattering" but at least it's progress. Please invite all bikers you know to join this and lets get some decent numbers involved.


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