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I have contacted the Facebook Network team today and sent the following message...

[[[[ There are millions of people in the world who have one common passion... Motorcycles.

The beliefs of a biker do not change regardless of colour, creed or religious beliefs. Bikers are a brotherhood where total strangers from different backgrounds mix without any prejudice.

I created a cause of Facebook to find out if there are any like minded people who wish for a GLOBAL network simple known as "BIKER" to be created by Facebook. The results have been very positive with 4000 people from all over the world joining the cause in the space of eight weeks. This is without any aggressive advertising of the capaign.

As a result it is my opinion that, should you grant our wish and create the Network, then it would become one of the biggest on Facebook.

I would urge you to visit the cause page to see for yourself the opinions of those who have joined. ]]]]

I look forward to hearing your response in the near future.


...As such I urge you all to leave a wall post on the cause page telling Facebook why you want this Network to be created.

Hopefully I should recieve a response in the near future. Until then please continue to invite others to the cause. The more people who join, the more Facebook will have to listen.

All the best and keep it shiney side up.



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