For Facebook to realise that us Bikers are part of a unique network that only exists on two wheels. Give us our own Global Network.

The dictionary definition of a network is "an extended group of people with similar interests or concerns who interact and remain in informal contact for mutual assistance or support".

Now ask yourself; As a biker would you not prefer, and would it not make more sense, to be in a Biker network?

Would you honestly want to talk to any Tom, Dick or Harry just because they are from the same city as you? Chances are though; as a biker you would want to talk to another biker just because your both spend time on two wheels (in some cases maybe one!).

Please join this cause and lets get Facebook to give us our own Network. Until then please spread the word and stay shiny side up.

1. Motorcycles are way of life!!

2. Cars are a way of getting from A to B!!