Get people to know what these religions are, where they come from and put an end to the effin' stereotypes!


I am an Asatruar living in Luxemburg, I'm 18 years old and was born in Brasil. Asatru is very important to me as it helps me a lot in my life, and it gives me a special link to our Earth Mother.

The aim of this cause is to get people know these long forgotten religions and to show that it has nothing to do with being racist or Nazi or whatsoever. So put an end to the stereotypes concerning not only the old Norse and Germanic religions but also their culture.

I've had enough to be consistently condemned and laughed at just because I have a different belief. It's a sign of ignorance. So another goal is to educate people.

IMPORTANT: Our aim is NOT to force people nor to convert people to our "religion". We don't want to do the same mistakes as the Christians or Muslims did and are still doing. Christianity was forced upon our people with violence and for NOTHING.

P.S: I am not a Norse/Germanic history or religion expert, I still have a lot to learn.

Hail to the Gods, and may they favour you!

1. Get our belief to be accepted as an official religion in our countries.

2. Put an end to stereotypes.

3. Get these religions in the list of religions one can choose on Facebook when creating a cause.

4. Show that the norse heathenism and culture is not based only on war and violence.

5. Get rid of the common belief that these religions are Nazi based ! These thoughts damage our beliefs more then anything else!