Fund raising for The National Seahorse and Conservation Centre

Dear all, The Seahorse Trust has been doing some amazing things over the last nine years and we want to keep doing even more amazing things for the next ninety nine. Our next step is to try and open the National Seahorse and Conservation Centre, which will…Read More

Seahorses & Everyclick

Hello, hello, Well by now you may be aware that we encountered a technical hiccup with our £1 donation scheme, unfortunately to this date we have been unable to remedy it. However I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thankyou to all of you who…Read More


Dear all, we need to generate a lot of money to help The Seahorse Trust, it is a case of support it or loose it I am proposing that if everyone who is a supporter of The Seahorse Trust donates one pound (or more) to the trust through the trust website (use…Read More
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