Because we believe nuclear weapons decrease human security and pose one of the great social, economic and ecological challenges of our time, Tri-Valley CAREs is working to abolish them.

Nationally and globally, Tri-Valley CAREs seeks to prevent the further development of nuclear weapons, while working for their elimination. Locally and regionally, Tri-Valley CAREs seeks to ensure cleanup of radioactive and toxic contamination at the Livermore nuclear weapons lab, and works for transformation of Livermore Lab from nuclear weapons development to a "green lab" devoted to civilian sciences like global warming research and renewable energy.

1. www.trivalleycares.org

2. Tri-Valley CAREs links peace, justice and environmental issues.

3. Tri-Valley CAREs is stopping U.S. nuclear weapons where they start - at Livermore Lab.

4. Tri-Valley CAREs advocates for cleanup of the toxic and radioactive legacy of nuclear weapons activities.

5. Tri-Valley CAREs pierces the veil of secrecy and involves the public in decision-making on nuclear weapons policy.