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Welcome all new members!

I'd like to welcome all the people who have recently joined our cause - your support of these important issues is absolutely appreciated! It is also appropriate to acknowledge those who have been a member of this cause since its inception - well done and thanks!
The Citizens Commission on Human Rights relies completely upon donations of members and like-minded individuals for its survival. Yes, these are difficult economic times, and we've all felt the effects. Unfortunately, one of the first areas where people often "cut back" is in charitable donations, so non-profit organizations especially feel the pinch.
If there's any way you can make a donation - no matter how small - please do so. This will provide the means for CCHR to continue and expand its operation so that its goals can be reached, and so that those who harm in the name of help can finally be brought to justice.
Thank you again for your support, in whatever form you choose to create it!

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