Helping A Cause 4 Paws - Shelter Assistance Programs

Hello everyone! This is a link from my website... Various programs that Shelters and Rescues can sign up for! Peace, Chrissy

Attention ALL Rescuers and Shelter!!!!

Please help me spread the word about this new group. If all shelters and rescues worked together on the constant demand for supplies, there would be more money to use for other needs for the animals, such as Vet Bills, etc. Thank you all! Chrissy

W now have more than 100 members!!!! What's next???

Hello! It is time to start posting the needs of your shelter or rescue. If you have a surplus of a supplie then please post that also! Please add these posts to the below Discussion board below called "Supples Needed/Surplus of Supplies" Now... I know that…Read More

To also join the Shelter Swap Yahoo Group...

Please go to: [email protected] Peace, Chrissy
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