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your $15 makes $2070

the power of collective action.

how much can we accomplish if we all put our energy towards a unified goal?

finalists for possible colectivo funding this year include a neighborhood festival where front porches in larchmere serve as stages for local musicians, a media outreach project to highlight the stories and lives of refugees in cleveland, a bicycle camp to expose inner city youth to the benefits of an independent car-free lifestyle, a community building solution to transform vacant lots into nurseries for native ohio plants, art & signage for a public space garden in the warehouse district, green job training & beautification at a homeless shelter, and several more!

many thanks to the following people for joining the Cause and GIVING Money to the Cleveland Colectivo as part of this CAUSE:

Michael Collins
Marlane Weslian
Parker Zabell
Walter Wright
Cindie Carroll-Pankhurst
Katharyne Starinsky
John Costello
Brook Willis
Eric Wobser
Noelle Celeste
Alex Nosse

thanks for taking the time to read and don't forget that your $15 can turn into $2070 to help fund innovative projects in cleveland.

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