All Things Scottish!

This is why I call. This is why I spend countless hours on the phones each week in the Global Expeditions Call Center. Through all the hang-ups, wrong numbers, and just plain “I don’t want to go” calls, it is all worth it. To see the fruit of our labor, to…Read More

Update from Scotland!

I just posted a note about my trip to Scotland. You guys should check it out!

Final Stretch!

Thank you so much for all of the prayers and support! Currently I still need another $1,200 by this Tursday for me to have the total ammount to be able to go to Scotland. The Lord provided miraculously for my ticketing deadline and I am expecting another…Read More

Latest Update

Well I just wanted to thank you all for your suport and prayers. I currently need about $1100 by Tuesday to reach my ticketing deadline. So if there is anyone who would like to help out, even as like a late birthday present or whatever, that would be SUCH a…Read More
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