BALTO Week 2008 at Edmond North ended today! This year's grand total came to a record-setting $187,068 and counting, breaking our goal of $123,456 by over $60,000! This accomplishment would not have been possible without a TON of help from everyone…Read More

BALTO T-shirts, 5K Run, and Northstock

Hey everyone, and thanks for being a part of BALTO Week 2008. We are about to really start getting underway, and we need all the help from you guys that we can get to reach our goal of $123,456! First, if you would like a BALTO Week T-shirt, even if you…Read More

BALTO Candidate Selections!

CONGRATS to this year's BALTO Candidates for being selected among a very large applicant pool! Your 2007-2008 BALTO Candidates are.... SENIORS – Geoff Shaw Victoria Cumbie Jimmy Lu Megan Verity Logan Self Sydney VanHoose - Cecilia Gould Lauren…Read More


The official BALTO Website (www.baltoweek.org) will be up and running in a couple of weeks. Be sure to check it out once it is fully running for all the info you'll need on ENHS BALTO, and how to help out the cause!
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