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Out of the Shadow of Pink Newsletter - November 2010


Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week

The resolution to establish MBC Awareness Week was introduced into the US House of Representatives in July! The resolution requires additional co-sponsors before it will be brought to the floor for a vote. During the month of October we snail-mailed 500+ letters to every congressional representative and senator in the US to familiarize them with the resolution and to request co-sponsorship. Once things settle down from the recent elections we will need to follow-up with phone calls and additional letters. If any of you would like to volunteer to help with this project it would be greatly appreciated! My sincerest thanks to all of you who have written to your legislators! If you have not done so already, a sample letter is posted on the website :

Special thanks to Herb Wagner and K T Landon who received MBC Awareness Week proclamations in their individual counties! It's still an uphill battle but we are making progress.

Male Breast Cancer Research Study

We received availability notification earlier this month for the Male Breast Cancer Research Study being conducted by the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. I was given the opportunity to review the study protocol and actual survey questions. Many of the questions I have responded to over the years are addressed. I sent individual survey invitations to all who pre-registered but if you have not taken the survey yet I encourage you to do so. This is the first study of its kind and will be important to the future of male breast cancer research. Several of you emailed to let me know that you have already taken the survey and voiced your opinions! Thank you so very much for your participation.

Please click on the following link to participate in the study:


During these difficult economic times I decided to not hold any fundraisers or seek donations. I chose instead to concentrate on my handcrafted artisan jewelry and I am proud to say that Out of the Shadow of Pink is now funded entirely from jewelry sales!

Changing the face of breast cancer, one piece of jewelry at a time! I love it!

Happy holidays and continued good health to all of you!



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