Please Change your facebook profile picture to Omari Xawar (the symbol of Halabja) on march 16th.

hi Please to commemorate Halabja, Change your facebook profile picture to Omari Xawar (the symbol of Halabja) on march 16th. and here is a link to a cause for this particular cause, please join:

facebook needs translators. فه‌یس بووک پێویستی به‌ وه‌رگێڕ هه‌یه‌

hi Thank you for joining our cause, Kurdish language on facebook. with your great efforts and support for our cause, facebook has decided to translate itself into kurdish just as any other language. Now we have passed stage one: making facebook translate…Read More


hi first of all thank you so much for joining our cause. Since many of you great people have joined this cause, Kurdish language proved it does deserve to be on facebook. but we still have to get more people join our cause so we can wake facebook up, and…Read More

Disrespecting President Barzani

hi everybody first of all i want to thank yuo all for joining and recruiting more people to our cause. one thing that took my attention today was a group ( a turkish group) with a disrespecting caricature of our iconic leader president Barzani. i do not want…Read More

Good news for all

Hi everybody We have almost reached 2000 members. so lets please all work hand in hand to advance our honorable cause. by inviting more friends. Em gehishtin néziké 2000 endaman. ji ber vé ji kerema xwe ra em desté hev bigrin ji bo péshve birina vé doza bi…Read More

Kurdish Language

THE KURDISH LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE Joyce BLAU Professor of Kurdish language and civilization at the National Institute of Oriental Language and Civilization of the University of Paris (INALCO). Kurdish is the language of more than twenty million Kurds…Read More

please Invite your friends

hi please forward this email to your friends and colleagues. LETS GET MORE PEOPLE HERE AND HAVE A STRONGER IMPACT. iam sure there are more people who care about The sweet Kurdish Language, lets find them and invite them, and give them the chance to…Read More
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