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CHALLENGE: November is Diabetes Awareness Month!

Dear Members,

Thanks to your generous contributions to the American Diabetes Association Cause here on Facebook, you are helping to fund diabetes research and awareness programs. You are making a difference! Congratulations!

We currently have 109,693 members and $9,656 donated to the cause. And I have a CHALLENGE for you!

CAN WE REACH 110,000 members & $10,000 By NOVEMBER 1st? As you may know, November is American Diabetes Month ( - What better way to celebrate by growing our cause?

Invite your friends and family to join! Spreading awareness is important too, so even if they can't donate financially (we know these are tough times,) let them know that being a part of this cause group is a way for them to show their support.

ALSO! Don't forget that there are Step Out events happening all over the country! Check out this page to get involved!

Thank you for your continued support.

- Noelle (Type 2 since 2003)

Note: I do not work for the ADA and I am not officially associated with them. I am only a volunteer, who created this cause on Facebook in order to reach out to others with diabetes. The money that has been raised is absolutely wonderful and I am so very proud of this cause, but what gives me the most joy are the stories and strength that have been shared on the discussion board and through comments. Please, keep them coming. Strength in numbers - and in this case, the higher they are the better! :)

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