Hey everyone, look this has had a ton of interest, however, Liz and I need some help. Seems as if the news media really feels like this is a joke or something. They act as if they have not been effected at all my or efforts. Liz added several EMAILS below…Read More

Lets help Liz in any way we can...

Hello everyone, The out pouring of support has been truly awesome. First off I want to say thank you. I nor many others don't want this to loose momentum. Below I have attached some information from Liz, she is asking for a little help with gathering some…Read More


We crossed the 300 mark in less than 24 hours... lets keep it going. Keep the emails going to the star news I attached a link on the wall to the editor. l ask to also keep posting things on the wall, I want to reach out nationwide to gain support. I am…Read More
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