New beyondblue Facebook cause

beyondblue refuse to have any further correspondence with me over this, and have instead set up their own cause. There has been no further contact at all. The cause can be found here: I encourage everyone to…Read More

Further correspondence with beyondblue

Dear Mr Norton, I acknowledge receipt of your email of 14 October and your well meaning intentions, thank you. I am pleased to advise that we have progressed matters. Mr Freeman has been contacted by beyondblue and the website provider has also been sent a…Read More

beyondblue official engagement

I've spoken to beyondblue - they were extremely concerned about any unofficial representation of their organisation online. The last beyondblue Facebook cause started directing funds to a christian organisation in the US, which greatly concerned them. They…Read More

beyondblue: the facebook cause

Hey all. I've contacted beyondblue and hopefully they will be able to take this cause over officially. Will let you all know as it happens.
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