Parental Alienation is the Ultimate Hate Crime!!-- I am going through this very thing right now!!-- Help me stop it! We have laws againist hate crimes-- parental alientation is the ULITMATE HATE CRIME

Because I am going through this with my ex-husband and my son, I know FIRST HAND how devastating it can be to children. If you look away, things only get worse!!

1. Teaching children to hate a parent is teaching them to hate a part of themselves.

2. Children should never have to chose one parent over another!

3. When you make a child chose YOU over the other parent--- let's call it what it is-- CHILD ABUSE!! The child suffers from this!

4. http://www.keepingfamiliesconnected.org

5. http://www.leadershipcouncil.org/1/pas/faq.htm