On the occasion the World Animal Day give your support to the poor animals

The Fondation Helga Heidrich SOS Animaux rescues abandoned dogs and working donkeys every day and we want to help the animals, the much abused. This Shelter is one of the animal shelters in morocco accepting handicapped animals. If the Fondation didn’t take…Read More

these dogs need your help...

These dogs are made to go through the worst imaginable pain and as if the pain of the killing wasn’t enough! Please donate 10 Euro today and you could help bring an end to their suffering. STOPP the Massacre Donate now…Read More

suffering in morocco

We need your assistance! Today! Dear animal friends, Saved - and now? Our animals are in danger! We saved, during the last 15 years, innumerable dogs, cats, horses, donkeys… We vaccinated and sterilized them, and gave them the necessary medical care. Many of…Read More

Please help Smoky

I just come back from a visit to Smoky’s owner. The purpose of my visit was to explain to him to spend more time for Smoky’s medical care and for her maintains! But he wants her back right now - for working hardly, but she is still abused! For this reason: We…Read More

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