Hello Everyone, Sorry I haven't been checking the cause for long while but I will be back in action, I know a lot of people out there need subtiles and caption really bad, it's even required by some. However, I do not know what to start with. Any Ideas Inbox…Read More

Closed Caption At Movies Theatres

Keep inviting people and go to Caption Action 2. They are the part of internet captioning. I am part for the movie theatres at the local places. Keep inviting. If you make the top people that invites people, You will get special thank you from More Closed…Read More

Help this Cause!

Caption Action 2 is a new cause (just 2 weeks old) on Facebook that is working hard to get Congress to pass the newly introduced 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act. This Act will require captioning on the Internet. It is not easy to get a…Read More


Keep inviting people in the cause! We need more! But this is good!


If anyone wants to start a petition! Please Send the petition to my e-mail moonlight-stars-nig[email protected] and show the movie theatres that we need them!!!!!


I recently found out that closed caption is too expensive and the movie theatres wont pay for them.
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