To Stop The Government Making Having Microchip Mandatory

BT's 'Soul Catcher 2025' Implants

A recent report has revealed that scientists working for British Telecom are currently developing a new microchip that will be ready for use in the year 2025. The microchips future-tech design will mean that, when implanted in the skull just behind the eye, it will be able to record a person's every thought, experience and sensation. Hence its name: Soul Catcher 2025.

"This is the end of death," Dr Chris Winter of British Telecom's Artificial life team claimed. He went on to explain that the implant will enable scientists to record other people's lives and play back their experiences on a computer. "By combining this information with a record of a person's genes," Dr Winter said, "we could recreate a person physically, emotionally and spiritually."

He went on to say: "The implanted chip would be like an aircraft's black box, and would enhance communications beyond current concepts. For example, police would be able to use it to relive an attack, rape or murder, from the victim's viewpoint, to help catch the criminal. I could even play back the smells, sounds and sights of my holiday to my friends."

According to reports in the Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mail (July 1996) other more frightening applications of the Soul Catcher implant could include downloading a lifetime's experiences from an older person's brain and transplanting them into a new-born baby. And there are other, even more serious issues involved here, not the least of which are those surrounding the flagrant violation of human rights.

When interviewed, Dr Winter admitted to the profound ethical implications involved in the use of such an implant, but promptly justified this remark by saying that BT needed to remain at the forefront of communications technology, and that this was the reason they had become involved in the Soul Catcher 2025 project.

So be warned… the next time you pay your telephone bill (your personal contribution to BT's £33 billion a year revenue stream) you know exactly how that money is being spent.

Microchipping of the population by the year 2025

Quite by chance, I personally have come upon some staggering information which concerns a woman who, up until six months ago, had been working for the British Government (for obvious reasons her name must be withheld). Since 1976 she was in a covert government project; in 1996 she became aware of the sinister implications surrounding this 'project', and was horrified to such an extent that she immediately quit her £1000 per week job.

According to her testimony, she and others had been working on a microchip which is to be implanted into all Americans and Europeans by no later than 2025. She had been told that the idea was for people to volunteer for this chip because of its 'benefits', which are to be sold to the public via the media over the coming years.

The 'benefits' include a completely cash-free society, as nobody would be able to buy or sell without the implant, so no more cash crimes (only a step on from bio-metric security). This of course means happy banks and credit companies. Also, anybody who committed a burglary, rape, murder, etc., could be traced immediately by pin-pointing their chip to any location at any particular time via satellite technology. According to some, this would result in a crime-free society - children, for example, could always be traced, In the same way as your dog or cat can be now. On the face of it, brilliant!

However, only days later it was reported in the British media that electronic tagging of children in care has now been suggested at government level because "too many are going missing". Then again at the end of November this same idea expanded to include the tagging of all young offenders from the age of 10 upwards. At this rate, a chip implanted in all of us by the 2025 does not seem so unlikely.