To connect people to some of the world's most extraordinary wild places via cutting-edge, live-streaming remote video technology.

National Geographic's WildCam program is a conservation initiative that uses the Internet to connect people to some of Earth's most compelling wild places. Using cutting-edge streaming video technology, WildCam brings viewers from all over the world to the remote places where animals go about their daily lives. Watch elephants teach their babies in Africa, grizzlies pounce on salmon in Alaska, or sharks stalking the vibrant coral reef community in Belize. And because it's live, you never know what may happen next!

In an age where people are inundated with edited sound bytes, rapid-fire video clips, and computer-generated animation, WildCam's live streaming video gives viewers the time and space to develop a unique bond with the animals they watch. Some viewers even become "citizen scientists," making discoveries about animal behaviors and reporting them to researchers via the on-line WildCam forum.

Log on to the WildCam pages to learn more about Earth's wild places and the unique species that live in them. You'll also meet the researchers who work here and learn about conservation efforts to preserve these ecosystems.

1. To help animals, the ecosystems they depend on and the researchers who study them—so there will always be wild animals in wild places.

2. To inspire people to care about and, ultimately, conserve these important habitats.

3. http://video.nationalgeographic.com/video/wildcam/