Thanks to everyone who has joined this cause. If you have a story or a question feel free to contact me. If you are a former Yuma Crash Crewman go to Yuma Firegods and join. We will be having our next reunion in Vegas 2011. Help us reach our goal of 100…Read More

Check this bad boy out. Here is an MSDS prepared in 1995. Check out the heading “Ingestion”


From my friend Roni... Hi Bryan...this is Roni. I have actually been doing all the reading on this and then I discuss it with Lorene as she is the smarter one between the two of us. I am an Occupational Hygienst by profession and have a Chemisty degree…Read More


I have 25 respondents over the past 2 reunions. Of those 25...23 sleep five hours or less a night unless they take their meds. 10 of those 25 have some confirmed depression or anxiety. Something is going on here. Brian Brassfield just sent me a new link....…Read More


I know this may be a bit personal, but I am compiling a list of people and whether they sleep or have other problems. I will make the numbers public WITHOUT NAMES to our group as I get them tallied. I need you you all to do 2 things. 1. Let me know if you…Read More

From Bryan

Just over two years ago I was diagnosed with depression and sleep disorder after struggling with it for years. I had bottomed out and was sleeping about 3 hours a night. Every bridge pylon and every oncoming semi looked like a way out and a way to finally…Read More


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