Why is Jesus so offensive? Why does Jesus offend so much. Jesus offends everyone so much because among all of the "religions" Jesus is the only one true God and we know that because unlike the others, Jesus never once gives any one of us a free excuse to sin.…Read More

Do not forget:

It is easy to forget that we are human and being Christian means that we reject the Lordship of self and embrace the Lordship of Jesus Christ. All Christians have sinned and need Jesus. You don't stop needing Jesus once you get saved. You need Jesus until the…Read More

My redeemer Lives!

I know my redeemer lives. All of creation from the ends of the universe and all in between, all of creation testifies that my redeemer lives. God is the living God; He has eyes that see, ears that hear, a mouth that speaks, and He All of the false…Read More

Take action now and sign the petition to make combating human trafficking a priority

Not For Sale Campaign is gathering signatures for a new petition, Make Combating Human Trafficking a Priority. We are trying to gather as many signatures by January 20, 2009. The petition will be delivered to President Elect Barack Obamas Administration to…Read More
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