We formed this foundation in honor of our angel Zoe who battled extreme prematurity for 14 courageous months. We want to help other families facing the same challenges she so bravely fought.

We are creating a comprehensive, interactive, informational website to serve parents diagnosed with a high risk pregnancy, living in the NICU with their micro preemie infant(s), transitioning home with their micro preemie(s), and caring for a micro preemie throughout their childhood. Our long term goals are to create a resource bank for parents to access at any stage in their journey to find services and support throughout the country. We also plan to have a nationwide network of volunteers to match a "seasoned parent" with a new parent in any of the four stages above. We will also offer support for micro preemie multiples, siblings of micro preemies, and bereavement for parents who experience a loss during pregnancy or in infancy and early childhood.

1. No one can understand the emotional toll extreme prematurity takes on a family unless they have lived it themselves.

2. Prematurity is the leading cause of newborn death in America.

3. Most infants born extremely prematurely will have life altering and lifelong medical conditions.

4. Parents need to feel informed and empowered to make the best decisions for the lives of their children.

5. Visit our website www.zoerose.org