First on the field blog is up!

Hey guys! I have been in Guatemala for a week or so now.. and the first blog is up! I want to thank you for your continued prayers, and let you know I am about $3,000 away from meeting my financial goal!! If you feel led to donate, you can do so on my blog…Read More

It's about that time!

Hello my beautiful friends! So it's coming down to the wire.. I leave in 3 days for Guatemala. I left San Diego a week ago (I left coffee when I left San Diego too, which has been just as hard!) and I do miss the warm sunshine, the cool ocean air, and the…Read More

Time for an update!

What's up!? Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of your support. It's amazing to see your genuine heart to help out for a huge cause. I am currently getting ready to leave in less than a month. Getting things ready to leave the country for a year is quite…Read More


Hello my amazing supporters! Time for a financial update!! I am currently at $3,342 By May 15, I need to be at $8,280 In total, I need $12,658 more. SO, to reach my TOTAL GOAL, this is ALL it would take: If only 18 people commit to donating $100/month…Read More

Tuesdays are for Miracles.

Last Tuesday, God worked a miracle. I was out to coffee with my Preschool Director, and we were talking about fundraising. She mentioned that she was selling her Jetta, and my mind immediately turned to the Lord. I prayed "Lord, I am selling my car for this…Read More


THE MISSION: To impact the lives of others by giving up something for 11 days so that people around the world who have close to nothing will be blessed. THE CHALLENGE: For11 days, give up something that you normally have. This may mean not having that…Read More

Check it out! Read my bio, and my three other blogs. It's definitely been an amazing journey opening my heart and pouring out all that I am thinking, feeling, and learning about life recently. Thank you all for the support you've…Read More
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