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Greetings to all!

Just a reminder to our members that a new photo has been added thanks to the Hallowed Ground blog in addition to the recently updated "Extended Info." section. Please feel free to comment and add any suggestions you might have.

Two things:

1. If anyone sufficiently versed in congressional pro-life issues is interested in posting a link regarding FOCA, please do so! The Freedom of Choice Act, as many of you are aware, is a recent development in Congress aimed at destroying all previous federal and state restrictions on abortion (including the Hyde Amendment). Again, any pro-life information in this regard would be beneficial to all of us. Please be generous in your pursuits.

2. The 2009 March for Life was one of the largest pro-life walks in recent years! As reported on his blog, the Cardinal Archbishop of Boston and various Massachusetts pilgrims could not even get into the Verizon Center because of the enormity of people already inside, praying and giving testament to this sacred cause -- truly spectacular! (Oh, don’t worry, the Bostonians were able to have Mass at a nearby parish.)

God bless! May 2009 be a productive year for the pro-life community, filled with every grace and blessing.

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