Get ready to be WOWED, by Arcane, a next level VJ/Visionary artist!

Get ready to be WOWED, by Arcane, a next level VJ/Visionary artist whose medium is the mind... he uniquely blends quantum visuals with ancient future tech to create fully immersive metaphysical experiences... come see just how far the rabbit hole really goes…Read More

Elion Truth-Heart, Sound Resonance Healer

Aloha Lovevolutionaries! If you haven't heard of Elion Truth-Heart then get ready for a musical, artistic, shamanic journey into the heart of a modern day minstrel. Elion is a being of many talents, & is here to share the sound resonance healing of his…Read More

Inspiration incarnate... meet Eona!

If you haven't heard of Eona then get ready to be inspired on this musical, creative, colorful, artistic & deeply moving episode of Mauitopia, this time we sit with a modern renaissance man, EONA, his gifts & creations have literally made the world a…Read More

Get Mind Blown! ~Huedoku~

If you haven't met Gabriel Mott Colors​ then let us introduce you to this amazing artist... we sit & talk story with this brilliant 'color evangelist' creator of Huedoku, Color Box, & so much more, besides being a visionary multimedia artist Gabe is…Read More

meet Maui Vision Creator Eric T Richter!

Let us introduce you to one of my favorite humans on the planet... If you haven't met living luminary Eric T. Richter, creator of the Maui Vision Magazine, Maui Vision on line network, & The Maui Well Being TV show, then get ready to be touched! Take a…Read More

Hijaz Hang & Ascension

A few mystic verses from the other side to soothe your wild untamed heart, & the Hijaz Hang to escort us along... entitled simply: Ascension... filmed live at the Temple of Peace in Haiku Maui, viva #Lovevolution!

Visionary Life Design

What does the most beautiful possible version of you look like, the you that is living up to your potential, fully utilizing your gifts, & being a powerful force for good on this planet?! Join Dr. Bear for Visionary Life Design, a self guided process by…Read More
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