Happy Easter, and Greetings.. Because of your help, assistance and generosity 300+ students had a an experience that they will never forget here in Atlanta. I am so grateful for all of the love and support that you showered upon me and our Dream Team! Well…Read More

OK We are entering the home stretch and we need you!!! Please Give TODAY!!!!

Greetings Everyone, With only 7 Days left until the big day we truly need your support. Thanks for all of you have given it is BEYOND APPRECIATED!!! But we still need to get about another $3K or so to take care of these AMAZING students, so I implore you to…Read More


Hello Everyone, The last link was posted incorrectly here's the correct one: and then click DONATE. Reminder: $20 will sponsor 1 student to attend the full conference $100 will sponsor 5 students to…Read More

10 days and counting, we need your help!!1

Greetings Everyone! I want to first and foremost thank all of you for your continued support of this endeavor! Thanks to those of you who have donated and/or registered for this historical event! But as in all things, given our dire economic state we need…Read More

$20 Lousy Bucks..paypal link issues....please read

Good Afternoon everyone! First and foremost thanks so much for your responses and donations this morning. It is more than appreciated!! It has been brought to my attention that the PAYPAL link in the original email is not working. So please do the following…Read More

$20 Lousy Bucks...sorry about the typos last time...

$20 Lusy Bucks.. Greetings everyone thanks so much for joining us in the cause to help students Achieve their Dreams! We are definitely in the 11th hour and we need your help, so please consider making a simple donation of $20 lousy bucks (lol- I knows its…Read More
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