AATE supports Theatre in the lives of young people through Theatre In Our Schools, professional development for theatre artists and educators and distribution of Theatre Education research & resources

Theatre is essential in the lives of young people. As a core academic subject, Theatre has the power to motivate students, to improve communication and comprehension skills, and to develop confidence, teamwork and creative problem solving skills. Theatre in our schools not only creates future artists, but prepares the next generation to be the productive, innovative workforce of the future.

By donating to AATE, you help to support the continued professional development of theatre educators, programs like Playwrights in our schools that pair talented theatre artists with classrooms where they can use their craft to improve the communications and writing skills of students, the publication of distribution of research and resources, and the voice of AATE in local, regional, and national standards, policy and practice. Help us reach our goal of ensuring Theatre in the lives of children across the country.

1. Research shows that students involved in theatre perform better academically overall than those who are not involved in theatre.

2. Theatre and drama classes help students build confidence, improve communication skills, and encourage tolerance of others.

3. Many states provide little or no formal certification and training for theatre educators. AATE offers resources and professional development.