its time to start thinking about healthy School Lunches

As school is approaching so quickly upon us I wanted to take the time and write alittle note. Its about that time to start thinking about what your kids are going to be eating for lunch everyday. please post and share your thoughts on what you will be sending…Read More

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hello everyone, join my cause "better lunches for schools" wifey and I are the admin. If you already joined or don't do causes we would appreciate it if you shared it...

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Hello to all members of better Lunches for Schools. just wanted to Touch base with everyone and see how your lunches are going in your schools. please feel free to post, comment, Share and Invite all your friends. We are up to 209 members. With your help we…Read More

join now....

yhis is my cause and i am the administrator,join the cause.....

will you join ??

this site is useful in more ways than you know. it has members comments about their schools and tips for trouble shooting school lunches. brown bag lunch ideas and more so join now or post this so friends can join.....

What did your kids eat for Lunch today!!

Hello Everyone, Hope all is well. Please feel free to post, Share or comment on the Cause . We would love for you to share your posts. What did your kids eat today for lunch? What do your Kids say about School Lunches? What does your school do to promote…Read More

you eat with your eyes

we eat with our eyes, and when mom/dad/grandma/grandpa are not around telling the kids what to eat, the school takes advantage and instills unhealthy eating habits... here are a few ideas to deter the bad choices and see if your school will try: Some tricks…Read More
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