End the Fed Nov

We are preparing for our third annual END THE FED rally. We hope to reach more people than ever. Momentum is growing. I think I have seen more in the last two years than my whole life. I do hope that everyone will do something. I think we should contact all…Read More

This bill and our work is in danger of being lost

Once more into the breach my friends. WE have to let them know we demand this bill be passed in its original language!!! PLEASE CONTACT EVERYONE!!! Ron Paul has said "the bill is basically gutted" - But when it is called to the floor he will offer an…Read More

DEMAND H.R. 1207 Come to the floor as a stand alone bill.

DEMAND AUDIT THE FED AS STAND ALONE BILL!!! I will make this short. For those that have not heard. They are now talking about wrapping up H.R. 1207's language (probably adulterated) into a bill that gives the FED EVEN BROADER POWERS. We have to contact our…Read More

Petition/ Perfect Letter/

Hello! I am so glad you are all joining and telling your friends. I am truly amazed at the rate of growth and it gives me renewed strength to do all I can. At the request of a member I am posting the link to a petition at the Campaign for Liberty's website.…Read More

Finance Committee

I firmly believe we need to let the finance committee AND our representatives know. Hopefully that may expedite it through committee. http://www.govtrack.us/congress/committee.xpd?id=HSBA Committee Members Chairman Barney Frank represents Massachusetts'…Read More
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