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We Did It!!! NYRA Won $25,000!!!!

Thank you everyone who voted for us over the last four weeks! With your help we were one of the top 100 organizations in the Chase Community Giving contest!

Thanks to you we won $25,000 for youth rights! This is a historic victory for this cause. NYRA was up against organizations with 10 or even 100 times our budget, but we still won. The youth of America are joining together to say we no longer consent to be seen and not heard. The youth of America have a voice, and are demanding the rights, respect and dignity all Americans deserve!

Winning this $25,000 sends a powerful message that NYRA is a strong, effective, and growing organization committed to including young people in the communities, societies and institutions in which they live.

This money will magnify NYRA's impact. Our reach and presence, both online and off will be strengthened greatly by winning this contest. Thank you to everyone for voting for us and for pestering your friends, family and neighbors to help us win this contest. Your hard work has paid off!

We'd also like to send a special thank you to our partners in the contest: Students for a Sensible Drug Policy, Arlington Street People's Assistance Network, Atlas Service Corps, Service for Peace, Manna Project International, ThinkImpact. With the help of these dedicated, grassroots organizations we could not have done this.

The next round of the contest begins on January 15, please stay tuned for how to help us win $1 million.

The first step to help is to join the NYRA Fan Page on Facebook:

Can you help us get over 1,000 fans by the time the next round of the contest starts? Please join and invite all your friends!

This is an important day in the history of the youth rights movement. It seems every day there is an anti-youth law passed, or some innocent young person arrested for simply being young, while there will be many more days like that until we finally put a stop to it, today is a day to be celebrated. Today the rights of youth won. Be glad, be happy, youth rights are on the march.

Alex Koroknay-Palicz
Executive Director

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