Demand that SunTrust apologize for thrown away food

When the owners of a neighborhood grocery store were evicted three weeks ago, SunTrust Bank threw away all of the leftover food and supplies instead of donating it to a local food bank. This petition wants to make sure that SunTrust Bank apologizes to the…Read More

Three Months Ago Today

Dear Fellow Advocate: Three months ago today, we launched with the desire to create greater awareness of childhood hunger in America. With your leadership, we have exceeded our goals and helped deliver four semi-truck loads of much…Read More

Only 220 People Away from 5,000!

The Pledge to End Hunger has been a great success. Not only have we increased the awareness of this solvable problem, but we've raised $28,000 in gifts to Share Our Strength and delivered enough food for 560,000 meals to children in four different…Read More

Join Us for the Dallas Area Truck Delivery on Tuesday, May 12 at 10 AM CT

At 10 am CT on Tuesday, May 12, a semi-truck full of Tyson Food will be delivered for children in need living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. You can join us at the North Texas Food Bank (4500 S. Cockrell Hill Road, Dallas, Texas 75236-2028) and be part of…Read More

Two More Trucks Arrive This Week!

The Pledge to End Hunger has been a tremendous success. Because of you, we are shining a bright light on the solvable problem of childhood hunger in America. We are excited to know that semi-trucks filled with food are being packed and heading to Indiana,…Read More

Donate by 11pm ET today and we'll double your gift!

Everyone who donates to Share Our Strength today by 11 pm ET will trigger a matching gift from Tyson Foods. Can you donate $5, $10, $20, or more? When you do, you will double your impact. Gifts can be made at in the giving…Read More

Help Us Spend Tyson Foods' Money!

We are 1 of 9 teams taking part in a unique fundraising contest going on at The team that raises the most money for their charity of choice will win a $5,000 donation from PayPal. Our team is being led by the Elevenmoms of Wal-Mart,…Read More
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