Help the old people to survive in our economy

Many retired Zimbabweans struggle to make ends meet. Most have children living outside of Zimbabwe, who have no idea that their parents have been left destitute.

These are not poor people, these are people to worked hard for their retirements, who planned and saved for their old age - people who thought they would be "ok" in their golden years.

These are also the people who helped to build Zimbabwe.

Consider this. If you had saved Z$50 000 (worth 50 000 pounds about 25 years ago) for your retirement, today it would be worth 2 British pounds. It will cost you 1 billion Zimbabwean dollars to buy one British pound. Thats this week.

In a recent case, a contributor for 30 years (possibly longer) to a pension fund recieved a "once off" payout of 2 million Zimbabwean dollars ($4 US) and was told apologetically by the Insurers that this was the best they could do. Imagine paying to your pension fund every month, only to end up being let down by a system that has failed its people.

Our pensioners cannot work anymore, many do not have family support, and most rely on handouts from charity organisations like SOAP (Supporting Old Age Pensioners) Old age homes rely on the generosity of business owners and manufacturers to donate goods to the homes. These buinsess owners cannot give away what they no longer produce or sell.

The situation was critical several years ago, and must be in the "dire" category by now. The working and contributing Zimbabweans still living in Zimbabwe cannot do this on their own. For the cost of a dinner out in your country, you could really make a difference.

We are a proud nation. Our old folk never thought they would have to rely on charity to see them through their golden years.

Please dont forget about the people left here to die, these people cant leave, and they cant survive here.

Bank detail of you would like to help :
Please record your donation on this site.

Zimbabwe Dollars:

Cheques made out to "Fed Nominees"
Please write on back "Pensioners Fund"
Delivered or posted to Imara Asset Management
Block 2 Tendeseka Office Park
Samora Machel East, Eastlea, Harare

Pounds Sterling:

Cheques made out to: "Homes in Zimbabwe" (Reg.u.k. Charity No. 1104512)
77 Oxford Street Manchester M1 63

Bank details HSBC, 100 King Street, Manchester
Sort Code 40-31-24. Account No. 92185245

Please contact Nigel Kay when making a donation on email: [email protected]

Pula: Deloitte & Touche Zimbabwe Fund
Botswana First National Bank, Main Mall Branch
Gaborone, Botswana.
Branch Code 282867, Swift Code FIRNBWGX
Account No. 62055647344

Rand: Imara Asset Management South Africa
Client Trust Account (write on back "Pensioners Fund")
Post to:
Noreen Green, Imara Asset Management,
P.O. Box 701, Northlands, 2116 Johannesburg

(or for Bank details call Noreen on (27) 11- 446 6182

Australian Dollars: Account Name : D J Gruenthal, F W Hodder and
J Swire Thompson.

National Australia Bank, West Perth Branch
Account No. 56827 9227
BSB Code 086 492
Swift Code NAAATAAU 3306P

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