Demand justice for those who will never return!!! Demand the SEVERE PUNISHMENT all involved with the KILLINGS & MOLESTATIONS directly & indirectly...

The 2009 Bangladesh Rifles revolt was a mutiny which later became a MASS KILLING EVENT of the BANGLADESH ARMY OFFICERS posted in different positions in BDR, a Bangladeshi paramilitary force mainly associated with guarding the borders of the country, staged from 25th to 27th February 2009 in Dhaka at the BDR HQ. More than a thousand BDR soldiers took over the BDR headquarters, and held many of their officers hostage & later subsequently killed majority of them. By the second day fighting spread to 12 other towns and cities. The mutiny ended after the mutineers surrendered their arms and released the hostages.

1. Let us all stand UNITED against all the CRIMINALS!!!