Your support has made a difference

Dear supporters of change in Curacao Tomorrow we will make change happen in Curacao by voting YES for change. Thank you for supporting change in Curacao of face book Your support has made a real difference.

Last effort to vote for a new Curacao

Five more days before the historic vote 15th of May for change in Curacao. After the reform we will enter into a new Curacao. A new Curacao with sufficient finances to invest in education, sport, culture, public health, infrastructure etc. A new Curacao where…Read More

Congrats, Pabien more than 1000 supporters for change

Congratulations supporters of change in Curacao. We have reached more that 1000 members, thanks to you and thanks to the 50 supporters who have recruited supporters for the cause. Keep up the good work. Curacao loves you and needs you to continue the good…Read More

YES let's GO

The cause for change in Curacao is a historic one. The Netherlands Antilles was born in 1954. Now 54 year later, we have an opportunity to change the structure and solve a debt that binds ourselves, our children and grand children. In the coming referendum we…Read More

A strong affirmation to change in Curaçao

Dear supporters After the withdrawal of the law that gives the Dutch minister of Justice the authority to give instructions in the case of criminal persecution, the principal argument of the opposition against the change in Curacao is defeated. Since there…Read More

Financial support for Change in Curacao

Dear sopporters, The parties that support change in Curacao( PNP,PAR,FOL) have established a foundation to promote the SI-option, Yes for change. Everyone can deposit a donation on the bank accounts in this note. MCB 111.222.00- SFT Bank 0011.373191.001 -…Read More

Depth relieve creates opportunity to build new hospital

With the money of the depth relieve we can finaly build a new hospital. The penshun fund of the Goverment will get 1.5 billion from the depth relieve. Part of this can be invested to build a new hospital. This is what a vote for change in Curacao will…Read More
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