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Dr Kweku Tandoh was a Director in the National Gallery of Arts in Abuja. In 2009, he along with 3 others, including the Director General, Chief Joe Musa were arrested and charged to court for embezzling billions of Naira by the EFCC. Thus began their ordeal.

They were all suspended from work without pay and started going back and forth to court and having their case adjourned everytime, ironically by the EFCC solicitors themselves, who could not provide any shred of credible evidence against these people. The EFCC lawyer kept using delaying tactics (for reasons best known to him, but which I suspect might be for corrupt and selfish reasons)

It was even clear to the Presiding Judge then that the EFCC had no case, at least any evidence, against these people.

This case has been dragging on since February 2009.

Finally, on Tuesday, 6th December, 2011, the Federal High Court in Abuja not only acquited and discharged them of all the charges but they also lambasted the EFCC for filing criminal charges against them that were based on nothing but ''pepper soup and beer parlour gossip'' and for wasting their time and the courts time for two and a half years. The judge said that based on the evidence that was presented to him, the EFCC should NEVER have filed charges against these two innocent men in the first place and that they should not have sought to torture them in this way and destroy their lives. He even went as far as to say that he would have wanted to compel the EFCC to pay heavy damages to these two men for the injustice that they have done against them by opting to charge them to court almost three years ago.

I have a copy of the Judgement.

It has been a case of gross abuse of power, delayed and denied justice, vindictiveness, negligence, strong-arm tactics, ignoring the principles of the rule of law and incompetence on the part of the EFCC (which I have always tended to be sympathetic to)

TODAY, Kweku and the others are free. They were suspended and not able to earn a living since 2009. They were humiliated, impoverished and disgraced unjustly.

They have now been fully vindicated, and we hope the Federal Government will do the right thing by reinstating them, and paying their withheld salaries since 2009.

And that is if these people are not going to sue the EFCC.


God has been with you and seen you throughout your Ordeal.

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