Opportunity To Serve and Opportunism for Disservice

“Happiness... consists in giving and in serving others”. ~Henry Drummond “It is the love that we give and the service we render that really is the great payoff”. ~David B. Haight “Leadership is an opportunity to serve. It is not a trumpet call to…Read More

Corruption Is Good Business!

On the way to Ibadan from Lagos, just after crossing the first of the concrete bridges on that most horrible and dangerous of roads called Lagos/Ibadan Expressway (more like expressway to hell) on the Lagos/Ogun States border, on the right you will see the…Read More

Thoughts On Nigeria’s Population Explosion and Infrastructure Investment

A short while ago, at the 2011 World Population Day celebration, it was revealed that by October 31, Nigeria’s population would hit the 167 million mark; and would hit 433 million by 2050. To many, it was a verdict of a bleak future, and an imminent…Read More


Dr Kweku Tandoh was a Director in the National Gallery of Arts in Abuja. In 2009, he along with 3 others, including the Director General, Chief Joe Musa were arrested and charged to court for embezzling billions of Naira by the EFCC. Thus began their…Read More


Date: Friday 6th, January 2012 Venue: Charing Cross Underground Station, London. Time: 12:30 Please inform every Nigerian you know and friends of Nigeria to come out in their numbers to voice their angst against this insensitive and irresponsible Nigerian…Read More

Campaign to ‘SACK’ corruption in Nigeria

What is really the root cause of fuel importation, fuel subsidy, electrical power shortage and outages, bad roads, broken health-care system, poor social and physical infrastructures, porous borders, mediocre law enforcement, weak judiciary, political…Read More

Nigerian Millionman March Project

Nigerian Millionman March Project Date: 24 October, 2011 Let there be Light In Nigeria Project The Nigerian Million March www.Nigerianmillionmarch.com The Nigerian Million March, is a PEACEFUL march with NO POLITICAL AGENDA and is NOT POLITICALLY…Read More
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