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Campaign to ‘SACK’ corruption in Nigeria

What is really the root cause of fuel importation, fuel subsidy, electrical power shortage and outages, bad roads, broken health-care system, poor social and physical infrastructures, porous borders, mediocre law enforcement, weak judiciary, political thuggery and intolerance etc? It's CORRUPTION!

More than ever, Nigeria needs a Citizens' Anti-Corruption Revolution!! And this is why the International Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC) is initiating a programme called SACK to end corruption in Nigeria.

SACK which is the acronym for ‘Stand Against Corruption and Kleptocrats’ is a citizens action anti-corruption campaign that is aimed at inspiring, mobilising, educating and empowering Nigerians (and lovers of Nigeria) of all religions, tribes, languages and creeds to hate, resist, expose, report and SACK corruption in all its ramifications in the society and polity.

Corruption in Nigeria is ‘tribeless’ and religion-neutral. We are all victims of the pillaging of our common-wealth by people in both the public and private sectors. So ALL hands must be on deck to tackle this satanic stronghold in our land.

The objective of the SACK! Campaign is to turn Nigeria to a corruption-free country like Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

Join us at the Afe Babalola Auditorium, University of Lagos, 12noon to 3pm THIS SATURDAY, 29TH October, 2011, for the Launch of "Stand Against Corruption and Kleptocrats!" (SACK!).

Be part of this Revolution!

"Corruption has had a great toll on our economy, our infrastructures, our people and our institutions. It is a monstrous cancer that continues to erode our nation, our psyche and our potentials. It is a blight on our nation and a threat to the future of our children and generations yet unborn." - Mr. Eghes Eyieyien, National Vice President for Governance of ICCC

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