To celebrate genuine progress, excellence, commitment, selfless and unalloyed service to Nigeria and the people of Nigeria and all humanity.

We are Nigerian crusaders, anti-corruption, human and environmental activists, poets, essayists and novelists. We are a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO); not in affiliation with any political groups, militants or cultists groups. The organization is not for profit.We have our ship anchoring at: www.championsfornigeria.org

The CHAMPIONS FOR NIGERIA is an international organization owned by Nigerians, has representing chapters in various parts of the world headed by patriotic Nigerians and friends of Nigeria alike.

We champion good causes, excellence, services that will make Nigeria a better country.

1. www.championsfornigeria.org

2. recognise, commend, promote and celebrate individual Nigerians & corporate bodies

3. Recognotion and celebartion of genuine Excellence to the Nigerian People

4. promote and highlight good governance, commitment; selfless service; honesty; hard work; and good behaviour towards alleviating

5. We shall always identify and recognise our worthy and true compatriots