ANNOUNCEMENT...drum roll please...

I GOT A JOB!!!! Can you sense my excitement?? I am THRILLED beyond words. It has been a very long 16 months...great for many, many things, true, but hard on our family at the same time. Looking at the positions of this cause, I have achieved all my…Read More

Must have been all those good thoughts...on to round 2!

After spending an hour with a panel of seven interviewers today, I have been asked to come back on Friday for their 2nd round of interviews. I believe I am one of 2 final candidates. I'm thrilled!

Think good thoughts tomorrow!

I've got an interview tomorrow for an events position in the East Bay...I'm looking forward to it, even though it's a panel interview. I have to thank my friend from the CVMC, Quynh, for encouraging me to apply! Thanks, Quynh! If anyone has any suggestions…Read More

Didn't get the job...

No big surprise here but the job that had the 3.44 mile commute is not mine to be had. At least they sent me email with the verdict. Quite polite in this day & age. Adding it to the list of jobs not gotten. Next!

No news

I called the woman with whom I interviewed and she said they would be making a decision this week and would let me know... Great. No news. I just want to hear -- either way. It's the not hearing that gets to me. what??

Writing the thank you notes, mailing them today so that they get them on Monday.... Wondering what they thought of me. Hoping for good news this time!

42 people so far!

Thanks, friends, for joining my cause...I know that causes may not seem as cool as groups or other FB features, but it is a good cause and I appreciate the support and good thoughts, ideas, suggestions.
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